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The lowest prices, the best-selling models, and shipping throughout the US, Canada and worldwide- why would you want to get your new Keystone 5th Wheel from any other dealer? Browse floor plans below to find the nation's most popular Keystone Fifth Wheel models: Keystone Cougar, Carbon, Montana, Mountaineer and Fuzion. No matter which one of these RVs you decide is best for the needs of you and your family, you can always count on a Keystone to deliver the quality construction, expansive storage, ease of towing, and elegant interior design. That's why these Keystones are among the best selling fifth wheels in North America. At Lakeshore RV, we bring the best-selling Keystone 5th wheels to you, at prices no other dealership can beat. Enjoy worldwide shipping, dedicated customer service, and a trusted reputation you can count on. Call us today at 231-740-6225 today.
Cougar Half Ton 29RKS Floor Plan - 2021

Find your dream RV at a dream price with Lakeshore RV Center! As the top RV dealer in Michigan, we offer exceptional customer service, easy

Condition: New
Weight: 8801 lbs.
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Cougar Half Ton 30RLS Floor Plan - 2021

Your favorite family memories are yet to happen! Go explore this great continent with the 2021 Keystone Cougar Half Ton 30RLS! It's an amazing 5th

Condition: New
Weight: 8968 lbs.
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Cougar 290RLS Floor Plan - 2021

At Lakeshore RV Center, you'll enjoy the nation's lowest prices on top quality RV brands! Our affordable prices, easy financing, and excellent

VIN: CO6855
Condition: New
Weight: 9981 lbs.
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Cougar 316RLS Floor Plan - 2021

Has the 2022 Keystone Cougar 316RLS caught your eye, but you think it's out of reach? Think again and come talk to us at Lakeshore RV Center! We've

VIN: CO2934
Condition: New
Weight: 10436 lbs.
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Cougar 354FLS Floor Plan - 2021

Bring this New 2022 Keystone Cougar 354FLS to the campground for extra fun and comfort! Customer satisfaction reigns high at Lakeshore RV Center,

VIN: CO8419
Condition: New
Weight: 10910 lbs.
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The fun will be limitless in this 2022 Keystone Cougar 355FBS 5th Wheel! Here at Lakeshore RV Center, we want to see all our customers realize

VIN: CO0553
Condition: New
Weight: lbs.
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Cougar 357UMR Floor Plan - 2021

There's no better gift than the gift of adventure, and that's what you'll get with the 2022 Keystone Cougar 357UMR! This 5th Wheel is built for the

VIN: CO9390
Condition: New
Weight: 11115 lbs.
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Cougar 364BHL Floor Plan - 2021

Every trip is one to remember with the reliable 2022 Keystone Cougar 364BHL! This 5th Wheel is both comfortable and dashing, and you can find this

VIN: CO5972
Condition: New
Weight: 11246 lbs.
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Cougar 368MBI Floor Plan - 2021

Experience family togetherness like never before in the 2022 Keystone Cougar 368MBI! Here at Lakeshore RV Center, we want all of our customers to

VIN: CO0419
Condition: New
Weight: 11751 lbs.
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Cougar Half Ton 23MLS Floor Plan - 2021

Lakeshore RV Center in Muskegon, Michigan is the RV dealer to see if you're looking at the 2022 Keystone Cougar Half Ton 23MLS! This 5th Wheel was

VIN: CO2868
Condition: New
Weight: 7107 lbs.
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Cougar Half Ton 24RDS Floor Plan - 2021

Would you like to save $1000s on the 2022 Keystone Cougar Half Ton 24RDS? Then see us at Lakeshore RV Center in beautiful Muskegon, Michigan today!

VIN: CO4140
Condition: New
Weight: 7369 lbs.
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Cougar Half Ton 25RES Floor Plan - 2021

If you've got your eye on the 2022 Keystone Cougar Half Ton 25RES 5th Wheel then Lakeshore RV Center in Muskegon is the RV dealer for you! We have

VIN: CO9989
Condition: New
Weight: 7630 lbs.
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